Atlanta to Change Permit Process


The City of Atlanta is working to change the permitting process in an effort to offer a more seamless process. The Office of Zoning and Development is aiming for a “One Stop Shop” by consolidating entitlement permits into a single step. OZD’s goal is to reduce the “back and forth” and streamline the development process for a more productive experience at City Hall.

Entitlement permits, i.e., Special Land Use Permits (SLUP), re-zoning, re-platting, address/street name, etc. will now be handled by the department. The idea is once a developer starts the process, OZD will handle everything until time to move to the building permit, which will continue to be handled by the Office of Buildings.

The target date for this new process is May 1st. OZD is working on a “Developer’s Guide” to lay out the process, but that has not been produced as of today. The ACBR will update the membership as we receive more information.

If you have any questions, contact Aaron Johnson at (404) 732-0631.

Friday, April 28, 2017
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