City of Atlanta: ADA: 20% Funding of Barrier Removal


The CBR received notification that the City of Atlanta (COA) was enforcing 20% project funding for barrier removal as dictated by the 2010 Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). COA was requiring that 20% of tenant planning project budgets would go towards a barrier free design and looking to implement in June of 2017.

CBR’s Government Affairs Committee, Chaired by Dan Buyers, invited Rober Hinkle of Veenendaal Cave to attend the February meeting to discuss this issue. Former CBR President Chip Roach and Mr. Hinkle explained how the COA was overreaching on the spirit of this policy. The 20% rule could be applied to all owner/landlord capital improvement projects (restrooms, corridors, lobbies, etc.) and be assessed on each project and set aside to remove barriers, but NOT tenant projects.

The good news is that after conversations with COA, they have clarified and said any ADA issues within a tenant’s space are still subject to 20% of the budget for that tenant’s renovation, BUT the tenant won’t be expected to contribute to taking care of public area issues. Also, implementation would begin “potentially beginning in 2018”.

The CBR Government Affairs Committee will continue to monitor this issue and have on going dialogue with the COA. Updates to follow.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017
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